Without God, a Moral Code Has No Basis

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, July 19, 2001

Without God, a Moral Code Has No Basis

Time magazine's cover story features an ape and this headline: "How apes became humans: What a new discovery tells scientists about how our oldest ancestors stood on two legs and made an evolutionary leap."

Also in this week's Time is a column by Charles Krauthammer who favors stem cell research, but with restrictions. He says those restrictions should be strict and unbending. No human cloning with criminal penalties for those who try it. No embryos created solely to be harvested.

Krauthammer writes: "We owe to our posterity a moral universe not trampled and corrupted by arrogant, brilliant scientists."

But if we descended from apes and are not created in God's image, Krauthammer's desire for a moral code is meaningless. It is nothing more than sentimentality. He has no basis for his position, and that's the problem with evolution and with secularism.