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Why the Upsurge in Kidnappings?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, August 23, 2002

Why the Upsurge in Kidnappings?

What is it with all of these child abduction cases? From infants to teenagers, there appears to be a rash of them this summer.

USA Today reports conflicting sources of information make it impossible to say whether there has been an upsurge in kidnappings this year. No one knows exactly how many children are stolen from parents each year, but there can be nothing more frightening for a parent.

Whether there is an increase in these incidents, or not, the fact that they take place shows that the disrespect for human life continues. Whether it manifests itself in abortion, or spousal abuse, or divorce, or kidnapping, large numbers of people regularly demonstrate their disrespect for law, for life and for a universal moral code.

No parent can keep watch on a child 24 hours a day. There are stories of babies being snatched from the car seat with the mother in the vehicle. It's hard to stop that. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.