When Culture Teaches Vice, Don't Expect Virtue

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, July 26, 2001

When Culture Teaches Vice, Don't Expect Virtue

New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd writes about an upcoming program on HBO called "The Mind of the Married Man." It's a typical putdown of men, married and otherwise. It's all about men who cheat on their wives or fantasize about doing so. Dowd laments this and wonders what is the matter with men. Imagine a man stereotyping women in this way. He would be loudly denounced.

I have an answer for Maureen Dowd. What does she expect? Our nation is drowning in adultery and fornication. Turn on the TV - especially HBO - and it's there. There is sex in commercials, sex in the magazines at the grocery store, sex in the music. There is the Playboy philosophy. The messages men get are that everybody is doing it and that it's OK to do it.

So, men without a moral compass or a scriptural foundation (and some with such things) follow the example they see and hear and read. Add to this the scanty attire of many women, even on the street, and is it any wonder that some men behave as the HBO program will depict? When culture reinforced virtue, it got more virtuous people. And when it teaches vice, it gets more vice. End of story.