When a Nation Forgets God

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, January 26, 2001

When a Nation Forgets God

When a nation forgets God, all sorts of things become not only possible, but also probable. Take England, for example.

England, with its rich tradition of spiritual heritage, has become a pagan nation where fewer than two percent attend church. And now, the House of Lords has approved a proposed change to government regulations that make Britain the first country to effectively legalize the creation of cloned human embryos.

The stated reason is to help stem cell research. All horrors begin with the noblest purpose. But this is only the latest step in the continued de-humanizing of humankind.

Recall that Prime Minister Tony Blair did away with the lifetime peerages that served the House of Lords well in blocking sometimes crazy legislation from the House of Commons. Now he has packed it with his ideological cronies.

This is a sad day for Britain and the world. Other nations, which have lost their sense of and accountability to God, will surely follow. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.