What To Expect from a Democratic Senate

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, June 6, 2001

What To Expect from a Democratic Senate

Today is D-Day, in more ways than one. Democrats take over the Senate.

What to expect? Forget bipartisanship. That's only for when Republicans are in control, and they usually fall for it. Forget fiscal restraint. It's a given that with liberals like Ted Kennedy and Carl Levin in charge of committees, spending will increase, wiping out whatever surplus there may be. Republicans have not distinguished themselves as examples of fiscal restraint, loading up many bills with pork when they were in charge.

New Majority Leader Tom Daschle will convey an image of cooperation, pushing through most Bush nominees for posts in the administration. But you can bet the same won't hold true for judges. Liberals have used the courts to enact policies that would not have a prayer in Congress. So they will block anyone who is a conservative, especially when it comes to their sacred noting of abortion on demand.

It's D-Day in Washington. Watch the media celebrate as if the Berlin wall had just fallen.