What Next for Republicans?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Nov 11, 2002

What Next for Republicans?

Impressive, wasn’t it? The election, I mean. Many pollsters and pundits were surprised. Hardly any of them got it right.

Now what? Republicans have wisely chosen this time not to engage in triumphalism. They tried that in 1994 and it was a disaster. The best thing Republicans can do is prove their ideas work and explain to those who don’t understand conservatism why it is best for them and the country.

Lower taxes, smaller government, reduced spending, personal responsibility and accountability…these are all conservative Republican issues. So are judges who read, rather than write, the constitution.

On social issues, government can do some things, while realizing that social problems stem from our worship of materialism and our turning away from god. The church’s message should be supreme here.

At a minimum, President Bush can sign a bill outlawing partial birth abortion and another one that will require full disclosure for women – including sonograms – before getting one.

This is a great moment for conservative Republicans. They’d better not blow it or they may not get the opportunity for another 50 years.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

What Next for Republicans?