What Is It Like to Lose Every Worldly Possession?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Sep 08, 2004

What Is It Like to Lose Every Worldly Possession?

September 8, 2004

The devastation in Florida with losses in the billions of dollars made me wonder: what is it like to lose every worldly possession?

I hope I never find out.

Relief has been delayed for many because of the magnitude of the damage.

Frances killed 11 people, nine in Florida. It could have been a lot worse.

Thankfully modern forecasting gives people plenty of warning.

But imagine how you would feel if everything you owned - furniture, keepsakes, family heirlooms, pictures - everything - had been wiped out.

For many older people there is not enough time to make new memories.

Most people are frustrated when they see catastrophes because they don't know what to do.

May I suggest we all do something?

There are many relief agencies - Christian and otherwise - working to help Floridians in their time of great need.

Could all of you who hear my voice contribute $1, $5, or even more to a responsible agency?

You can find the more familiar ones on the Internet, like the Red Cross.

Don't look for the rest of the world which we have helped to help us.
Let's help our own and do it today.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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What Is It Like to Lose Every Worldly Possession?