What Does the Jeffords Defection Mean to Us?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, May 24, 2001

What Does the Jeffords Defection Mean to Us?

The apparent defection of Vermont Senator James Jeffords from the Republican Party throws the entire conservative agenda into disarray. But it also offers an opportunity for conservative Christians who have spent much time these last two decades pushing for change in Washington to reassess their priorities.

Notice, I didnt say to dropout, but reassess priorities.

I see this power shift as a modern-day tower of Babel when God came down to confuse the languages of humans who thought they could be like God. As I wrote two years ago in my book, Blinded by Might, the political arena should not be the primary focus of believers. The kingdom of God should. Transforming lives will have a greater influence on culture than changing leaders in Washington.

If youve believed what youve heard about Blinded by Might, which was misrepresented by some religious leaders, now might be a good time to read it for yourself. It is more relevant than ever and it is now out in paperback. No political party will advance Gods kingdom because his kingdom is not of this world.