What Causes Poverty?

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jan 18, 2005

What Causes Poverty?

January 18, 2005

What causes poverty?

Many things, including broken homes and bad personal decisions, a concept of God that differs from the reality, oppressive governments and wrong economic systems that do not reward people for risk, investment and hard work.

The United Nations thinks poverty is caused by rich nations not giving enough to poor ones.

An international team sponsored by the U.N. says the number of the world's poor cut be reduced by half if rich nations would double their giving to poor nations.

There are no suggestions those nations should change their ways.

Just give them the money.

We tried that in the war on poverty in America.

Trillions have been spent and there are still many poor people.

It isn't the money.

It's the way people to choose to live, of their government, or false religion.

Change attitudes, governments, economic systems and faith and then capital can do some good.

But pouring good money after bad and subsidizing things that don't work is a waste of money and time.

At least the U.N. is consistent - consistently wrong about
almost everything.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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What Causes Poverty?