Welcome To The Neighborhood

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jul 11, 2005

Welcome To The Neighborhood

July 12, 2005

There is a story I've been meaning to get to but because of the recent doomsday events have not been able to do so.

ABC recently canceled a plan show called "Welcome To The Neighborhood."

It was a so-called "Reality Series" that was about seven families competing to win a 3,300 square foot house near Austin, Texas.

The families were African-American, Wiccan, Latino, Asian, Homosexual, staunch Republican (mom is a stripper) and one described as "Religious," meaning Christian.

The Washington Post described the couples who determine who wins as "White, Christian, Republican and close-minded."

This was a setup to perpetuate a stereotype, not about any of the classes favored by the left, but the White Christian as bigoted and close-minded.

Get it?

The show was canceled, not because of the anti-Christian, anti-republican and anti-white stereotyping, but because someone pointed out to ABC that determining who gets to live where by virtue of one's race, or sexual practices violates fair housing laws.

But bigotry against Christians and republicans is ok in the eyes of ABC.

I'm Cal Thomas.

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Welcome To The Neighborhood