We Need Perspective on Tucson

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Updated: Jan 19, 2011

We Need Perspective on Tucson

January 13, 2011

The funerals for the Tucson dead have begun. The president spoke yesterday at a memorial service. Some perspective is much needed.

In the Washington suburb of Prince George's County, Maryland, 12 people have been killed during the first 12 days of this year. No one is asking what media the shooters consumed. No one has questioned whom the killers voted for in the last election. Twelve people killed.

But a member of congress and other innocents are shot and the country and world go nuts, demanding new laws as if more laws would deter someone with a mental disorder. What is needed is better enforcement of laws already on the books and most importantly a way to attend to someone like Jared Loughner. Loughner scared many people on his way to last Saturday. People expressed fears but were ignored, probably because of what they believed to be a greater threat: lawsuits.

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We Need Perspective on Tucson