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Wars and Rumors of Wars

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jul 26, 2006

Wars and Rumors of Wars

July 26, 2006

War is ugly, horrible and incredibly sad. We have wars and rumors of wars and will until the end of time as we know it... according to Jesus. I am constantly amazed at those commentators and reporters who focus on the children being hurt and killed and blame the Israelis for it. Thankfully, CNN did a major story on Hezbollah’s terrorist activities a few nights ago and exposed them for the indiscriminate killers they are.

I have been to Lebanon. I went there with the Israeli army in 1982 during their last invasion to root out terrorists. I saw where the PLO hid their weapons – in apartment buildings, hospitals and mosques. They knew and Hezbollah knows that when they fire at Israeli civilians Israel must return fire and civilians will get hurt and killed. They invite in western cameras and reporters and show them the carnage, blaming Israel. Diplomats urge a ceasefire, but return to the status quo prior to the war only helps the terrorists.

They must be crushed, which Israel is attempting to do in Gaza and in Lebanon. They had better succeed or the terrorists will only be encouraged they can win this war.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.




Wars and Rumors of Wars