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Vote Delayed, Double Standards

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Aug 05, 2003

Vote Delayed, Double Standards

Episcopal leaders delayed a vote yesterday on whether to confirm the denomination's first openly homosexual bishop following allegations concerning "touching" and pornography emerging against the clergyman.

The New Hampshire church has already voted once to approve his elevation and clearly they have no reservations about Gene Robinson living openly for thirteen years in a homosexual relationship. Neither do they have a problem that he abandoned his wife and two children for a man.

So why would they have a problem with pornography and touching? What standard do they use for determining that pornography and touching might be bad, but divorce, abandoning one's children, and homosexuality are ok?

This is what happens when churches try to get trendy and accepted by the world. Paul told Timothy what is expected of an overseer and this bishop does not measure up by a long shot. His supporters call him a "holy man." I don't think so. Only God is holy.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Vote Delayed, Double Standards