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Visas for Terrorists

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, July 19, 2002

Visas for Terrorists

Of all of the bad ideas floating around Washington, this may be the worst one. The State Department wants to continue granting visas for terrorists. State is fighting a Terrorism Task Force recommendation that suspected terrorists be denied visas. Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage told the Justice Department, "(believing that) an applicant may pose a threat to national insufficient (grounds) for a consular officer to deny a visa." This letter from Armitage to Justice was written June 10, 2002, one day shy of the nine-month anniversary of 9/11.

Here's an idea just as dumb. A bill before the House Judiciary Committee would allow immigrants who have been deported in the pasy six years for aggravated felonies will be allowed to apply for re-entry.

So, someone intent on harming America who got here legally could, under this bill, apply to come back and finish the job by killing us should he be deported for committing felonies other than terrorism. What's wrong with some of our so-called government leaders? Homeland security, indeed! I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.