U.S. Right to Stay Away from U.N. Racism Conference

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, September 4, 2001

U.S. Right to Stay Away from U.N. Racism Conference

A towering amount of babble came out of the U.N. conference on racism. Most of it was chanting anti-Israel slogans in the streets and resolutions about Zionism being racism. This from totalitarian regimes that oppress Christians and don't allow for free elections. There was also the usual stuff about reparations to atone for slavery. Of course, the reparations would come solely from the United States and not any African nation that also participated in the slave trade.

The big media, as always, were afraid to take on any of these notions. In our politically incorrect age, whatever anyone wants to say against the West, or whites, or Christians, or Jews is to be tolerated. But one must never tolerate legitimate criticism of statements that come from some of the biggest race hustlers, anti-Semites and socialists on the planet.

The United States was right not to send a high-level delegation. On Monday, it joined the Israeli delegation in walking out when it became clear the final resolution would contain a Zionism equals racism statement. The truly free world must have the guts to stand up against this business and tell the enemies of freedom, pluralism and democracy that we're not playing their games anymore.