Unjustified Bush Hatred

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Sep 23, 2003

Unjustified Bush Hatred

Remember when it was republicans and conservatives who were supposed to be mean-spirited? Not anymore. Not since democrats have been losing elections. They're angry, not at themselves, but at the president.

Writing in The New Republic - a traditionally left-leaning magazine read by few - Jonathan Chait has an article titled "The Case for Bush Hatred." It begins "I hate President Bush" and goes downhill from there. Chait says he has friends that hate the president's voice.

Add to this, senator Ted Kennedy's unfortunate comment that the war to liberate Iraq was a "fraud" that was "made up in Texas" and that American money is now being used to "bribe" foreign leaders to get them to send troops to Iraq.

It would be hard to find more hateful remarks by political leaders in modern times. President Clinton, you say? How about all of the things said about him? Different man. Different issues.

But the Bush hatred will come back to haunt liberals, I think.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Unjustified Bush Hatred