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Undoing Roe v. Wade

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, June 23, 2003

Undoing Roe v. Wade

The former plaintiff known as “Jane Roe’” in the infamous Roe v. Wade decision of 30 years ago wants the case that legalized abortion overturned.  


Norma McCorvey, who is a Christian now, says the Supreme Court’s decision is no longer valid because the scientific and anecdotal evidence that has come to light in the last three decades has amply demonstrated the negative affects of abortion.


McCorvey and her attorneys are asking the federal district court in Dallas -- where the case started -- to consider more than 5,400 pages of evidence, including 1,000 affidavits from women who say they regret their abortions.


I’m wondering what the courts will do about this.   Jurists are big on what they call “settled law,” meaning that once a law has been in place for some time and people have gotten used to it, they are reluctant to overturn it.  


That has always seemed wrong to me.   If a law is wrongly decided, the length of its enforcement should have nothing to do with it.   Certainly it didn’t when it came to civil rights for blacks, and it shouldn’t when it comes to civil rights for the unborn.


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.


Undoing Roe v. Wade