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Unborn Children -- Feb. 1, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Feb 01, 2002

Unborn Children -- Feb. 1, 2002

The Bush Administration announced yesterday that a developing baby, which it says is an "unborn child," is eligible for government health care. This will give low-income women access to prenatal care. It is a brilliant strategy.

So called "pro-choicers" will have to oppose the designation of unborn babies as human in order to maintain their extremist position that a child isn't human until after it is born and, some think, not even then depending on circumstances. They must hold this position even if the poor woman wants the child and is not seeking an abortion.

Furthermore, the state children's health insurance program through which the government aid would flow, is designated for the unborn child and not the pregnant woman. HHS Secretary Tommy Thompson cited well-established data on the importance of prenatal care in explaining the proposal.

This is good politics and it is a pro-life position that requires no legislation and no Supreme Court decision. But the pro-death crowd will oppose it anyway.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Unborn Children -- Feb. 1, 2002