Two Things Happen When We Thank Someone

Two Things Happen When We Thank Someone

Thanking someone for what they have done accomplishes at least two things. First, it acknowledges an act of kindness, thus encouraging similar acts. Second, it acknowledges a standard that seems to have been lost in our age of entitlement, greed and envy. That is, there is something greater than self.

The greatest act of kindness was by God when he sent Jesus Christ to die for our sins, a perfect sacrifice and offering. Most people are thankful when an act of kindness has been performed, especially when it is selfless. Such acts produce a sense of reciprocity in most people.

God requires nothing other than us, because he needs nothing. Today, Thanksgiving Day, while you are thanking God for political and social feredom, thank him for his salvation and for Jesus who makes it possible. And then respond to that greatest act of kindness and love in ways that will please him and ultimately you. Happy Thanksgiving!

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Publication date: November 28, 2013