Trying to Convince Muslims that America is not so Bad

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, November 6, 2002

Trying to Convince Muslims that America is not so Bad

$15 million of our tax dollars are being spent on an ad campaign in some Muslim countries to persuade people that America is not the enemy of Islam.   American Muslims say they have freedom in America and that they enjoy this country.


I do not doubt the good motives of the Bush administration in putting this together, but I have some questions.


First, freedom is not a concept that is embraced in the Muslim world. There is no doctrine of church-state separation in Islam, which sees government as a tool to carry out the will of their god.


Second, let’s reverse this.   If Saudi Arabia, for example, were funding commercials which tried to persuade us that we have nothing to fear from Islam and that Muslims are wonderful people and so are Arab states, would you believe them?   Maybe some would, because they don’t know any better and are easily swayed by commercials.   But I wouldn’t.


And that’s why I think this ad campaign is not going to do much, if any, good.


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.