Trolling For Votes

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Oct 11, 2004

Trolling For Votes

October 12, 2004

There they go again - Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and John Kerry in a Black Baptist church in Miami last Sunday, trolling for votes and misusing scripture.

Behind the pulpit, which the pastor shamelessly turned over the politicians to electioneer and preach about the kingdom of this world was a scripture reference: Matthew 28:19-20.

It's called "The Great Commission".

These politicians weren't about making disciples.

They were about turning out voters for John Kerry.

Kerry said to ignore moral issues like same-sex marriage.

He implied he could make their lives better if he's elected.

No he can't.

Only they can make their lives better.

Kerry quoted from James that "faith without works is dead."

But James meant it as individual expressions of charity.

Kerry thinks your government is God and it should do charitable work.

Kerry in the past has compared President Bush to the people who walked by the wounded man before the good Samaritan stopped to help.

This was a phony appearance designed to dupe black Christians.

It happens in white churches, too, and it's a shame and a scandal.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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Trolling For Votes