The Problem of Pedophile Priests -- Feb. 12, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, February 12, 2002

The Problem of Pedophile Priests -- Feb. 12, 2002

Cardinal Bernard Law of Boston has been a stalwart defender of unborn life. But he has come under criticism for his apparent toleration of a large number of priests who are accused of molesting boys. The Boston Globe has reported more than 80 names given to authorities.

The Catholic Church has many good people and many good clergy. But it has been in denial for some time about the serious problem of sexual abuse and pedophilia among some priests. There are treatment programs, but apparently they are insufficient in too many cases. Priests are sometimes transferred or not given new parishes.

Opinion polls of Catholics in the Boston area find that more than half want Cardinal Law to resign. So far he's refused.

The scriptures say that judgment begins in the house of God. If the Catholic Church is to have credibility and trust in this area, it must discipline its own even before secular authorities get involved. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.