The Plan for Iraq

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Dec 01, 2005

The Plan for Iraq

December 1, 2005

President Bush gave the democrats what they asked for yesterday. At the Naval Academy in Annapolis, the president delivered a speech that contained his national strategy for victory in Iraq. Read it for yourself at:

He said victory in Iraq is defined in stages. The effort won’t end tomorrow, though it might if we withdraw too quickly before the job is done. He said victory is a vital American interest and failure is not an option. He noted the enemy is diffuse and sophisticated.

The president said our goal is to isolate enemy elements from those who can be won over to the political process by countering false propaganda and demonstrating all Iraqis have a stake in a democratic country. He wants to engage those outside the political process and invite in those willing to reject violence. And he wants to build stable, pluralistic and effective national institutions that can protect the interests of all.

Naturally the democrats claim all they have wanted is victory, too. You need to read this. It’s really good: will get it.

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The Plan for Iraq