The Obama Vacations: Not Efficient Spending

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Monday, December 12, 2011

The Obama Vacations: Not Efficient Spending

No one should begrudge a president his vacation, but this president takes more vacations than any in recent memory. He also plays a lot of golf and basketball and he constantly makes speeches. What does he do to warrant a vacation? And a vacation from what, and for what?

He's off again at the end of the week for Hawaii. And get this. If he's tied up with business in Washington, Michelle and the girls get to go ahead on their own government plane at a cost to the rest of us: Tens of thousands of extra dollars, money we don't have and must be borrowed.

President Obama likes to talk about helping the middle class and the poor and envying and penalizing the rich. He's one of the rich and he lives like a potentate, not a servant of the people. 

Last month, the president signed an executive order titled "Promoting Efficient Spending." The prospect of Michelle and the girls going to Hawaii on a separate government plane is inefficient and unnecessary spending.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

Publication date: December 12, 2011