The Next Judge

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, September 9, 2005

The Next Judge

September 9, 2005

President Bush might name his second choice for a supreme court seat as soon as next week.

He says he’s looking at a lot of candidates, including women and minorities.

He should look – and I hope and believe he will – for someone who believes in the constitution, as-written.

It doesn’t matter whether such a person is a white male, a female, a black, a Hispanic or something else.

The way one things is far more important than factors like race and gender over which one has no control.

What one believes is something over which one does have control.

I know there is politics involved and the president might think it is easier to get a non-male, non-white through.

But that hasn’t helped him the past.

The senate has tied up Hispanic and female nominees to other federal judgeships in the past simply because they are conservative.

Mr. Bush was elected because he was viewed by a majority as a solid conservative.

He’ll never have a better time than now to reflect that conservatism in the next judge he picks.

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I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

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The Next Judge