The Most Precious Gift...Given to You December 25, 2001

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, December 25, 2001

The Most Precious Gift...Given to You December 25, 2001

It’s difficult to say anything new about Christmas, which is part of its charm. Other things change, but Christmas doesn’t. In war or peace; when there is prosperity or difficulty; in America and in every other part of the world, Emmanuel – God with us – is a message for the ages.


That God would love us enough to leave his heavenly home in the person of his son and come to a fallen world that knew him not; that he would live a perfect life – the one God created our first parents to live in the garden of Eden; that he would take upon himself the sin and rebellion of the world and die in man’s place; that he would rise from the grave, proving that he is who he said he is and paving the way into heaven for all who would receive him…this is the message that cries to be heard through the glitter and noise that we call Christmas.

Wise men still seek him, says the card. Do you? Will you? Merry Christmas! I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.