The Legacy of Chuck Colson

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The Legacy of Chuck Colson

Not many of us achieve great heights from which we fall to great depths. Charles Colson, who died last Saturday at 80, experienced such a rise and fall. But he would tell you that the fall was necessary in order for him to rise in the kingdom of God, which is the antithesis of earthly power, pride and position.

Colson would always say he could never have accomplished anything of eternal value if he had not been broken by prison. God's grace comes through humility. Nothing gets His attention or approval faster than humbling one's self. Look it up.

I knew Chuck Colson for 35 years. He was impressive, but the smallest servant of Christ in the most obscure place in the world is greater than he was. Isn't that what Jesus said about John? Look it up.

Charles Colson's legacy is not the White House or politics. It is Prison Fellowship, which now operates in 100 countries.

Such things confound the world, as Colson's faith and transformation confounded the world; which is what happens when one is born again.

I'm Cal Thomas.

Publication date: April 24, 2012

The Legacy of Chuck Colson