The Game Politicians Play

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Jan 28, 2004

The Game Politicians Play

If our government were not spending so much, the strong economic recovery would have propelled us toward a budget surplus. But this republican Congress has joined with a republican president to increase the size and cost of government and burden future generations with new taxes to pay for it.

Notice the politicians never begin with government, but with how much more of your money they can take. That’s because it is all about control and power.

The more of your money they keep, the more the politicians have power over you and the more a dependency class is sustained that needs government.

Government becomes like a drug that too many people are addicted to and can’t break the habit. The truly productive are penalized for their ability and hard work and their money goes to subsidize people with less talent and desire.

When will enough people wake up to this game all politicians play? Ronald Reagan’s wonderful line says it all: we have a deficit not because the American people are taxed too little, but because their government spends too much!

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

The Game Politicians Play