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The Consequences of Giving Up on Marriage

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, September 11, 2001

The Consequences of Giving Up on Marriage

A recent New York Times story tells of the difficulty a divorced couple is having with their 14-year-old. The mother has remarried and the son lives with her and her new husband. He is failing in school, is hyperactive, depressed, given to fits of rage and makes no friends. His father says his son stole $100 from him and has no remorse.

It's part of a bigger story about parents of troubled youth and the help they are seeking at any cost. These include expensive boot camps and counseling.

The story doesn't say, but I will. If these parents had put as much effort into keeping their marriage together as they are trying to fix what ails their troubled children, the chances are quite good that the children wouldn't be troubled. But that's judgmental, isn't it? No one can speak truth anymore because some people might be offended. But the truth is what people need to hear. Children are in trouble because too many parents care more about themselves than the children.