The Bush's Fight For Life

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Thursday, October 23, 2003

The Bush's Fight For Life

President Bush and his brother, Governor Jeb Bush of Florida, struck a double blow for life this week -- and on the same day!

The president said he would sign a bill passed by Congress that would outlaw the procedure known as partial birth abortion. Under this gruesome act, babies are killed as they emerge from the womb by having their brains sucked out. The courts will get the measure and anything can happen, but clearly progress is being made at reversing our culture of death.

In Florida, Governor Bush asked for and received from the Florida legislature the power to grant what amounts to a stay of execution for a young woman whose feeding tube was removed last week under a court order. The woman's parents want her to live. Her husband wants to let her die. She is not comatose and her parents say she can understand some words.

Hard cases make bad law. Roe vs. Wade opened the door to abortion on demand and cheapened life at all stages. It is notable that even several pro-choice democrats voted to ban partial birth abortion. Let's hope and pray the courts uphold it.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.