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The Best Advice

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, July 5, 2002

The Best Advice

I don't mean to speak ill of the dead, but Ann Landers, who died June 22 at the age of 83, may have been one of the top advice columnists, but her advice was rooted in a humanistic philosophy.

Yes, Ann gave good, common sense advice on such things as abusive husbands and honesty. But she succumbed to the spirit of the age in such areas as abortion and homosexuality, offering advice that fit what the secular elites believe. Such advice could not be considered in conformity with the word of God.

Advice columns like hers proliferate (her sister writes the "Dear Abby" column) precisely because so many people ignore the best advice there is from the word of God. No one knows us, or cares for as much, as God does and so we should know that because of His character and love for us, He will always give the best advice.

Dr. Laura Schlesinger is closer to the word and will of God than any advice columnist, but you can't beat the original and no one has given advice that beats what God has already said. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.