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The Arrogance of Washington Knows No Bounds

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Monday, December 17, 2012

The Arrogance of Washington Knows No Bounds

The arrogance of Washington knows no bounds. I give you this latest example.

His name is Rick Nolan. He used to be a congressman from Minnesota 30 years ago. Now he is again, having just won a House seat in last month's election. Nolan is a Democrat. He beat a Tea Party opponent elected in 2010. He ran on experience, but given what experience has brought us, it doesn't sound to me like a great platform, but apparently it was for those who gave him a nine-point margin of victory.

Nolan says the extra knowledge he and others acquired from their previous stints in Congress will be a guide, "because in Minnesota, maybe with the exception of Michele Bachmann, no one talks directly to God."

Maybe more should. Even better, maybe more should listen to God. As I said, arrogance in Washington knows no bounds.

From Vietnam, I'm Cal Thomas.

Publication date: December 17, 2012