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The Abortion Battle Begins

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Feb 23, 2006

The Abortion Battle Begins

February 23, 2006

It didn’t take long for the newly-constituted Supreme Court to embroil itself in the abortion war.

The court said Tuesday it would consider reinstating a federal ban on partial birth abortion, the procedure that kills a baby even as the child is emerging from its mother’s womb. All abortions are horrible but this kind is the most grizzly and is opposed even among some leftists in Congress who are otherwise pro-abortion.

The New York Times, which is perfectly happy to have abortions for any reason, is already sounding the alarm, saying those horrid pro-lifers are chipping away at abortion rights and that restricting this type of baby-killing is only a first step. Of course they don’t say “baby killing,” but that’s what it is. And I hope it is a first step toward recognizing a right to life that should never have been removed in the first place.

We are about to see if President Bush’s faith in Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justice Samuel Alito will be vindicated. Let us hope – and pray – so.

Cal Thomas is a nationally syndicated columnist based in Washington, D.C.


The Abortion Battle Begins