Terry Eastland: Clark's Abortion Extremism

Salem Radio Commentary | Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Terry Eastland: Clark's Abortion Extremism

Speaking of the sort of judges he would choose as president, Wesley Clark says he would never appoint a pro-life judge. Clark said he believes such a judge would fail to enforce Roe against Wade, the 1973 decision legalizing abortion.

Now, this is a curious position, for on abortion, as on other matters, judges may have personal views at odds with the law they are asked to apply. Good judges routinely put aside their own views and enforce the law.

Yet Clark believes a pro-life judge will automatically fail the test of…good judging.

Clark doesn’t explain his opinion, and he can’t, for we now have pro-life judges appointed by President Bush who duly follow the precedent of Roe.

Clark’s bias against pro-life judges is unwarranted, but it’s telling. It reveals the extremes to which he is willing to go to say he favors abortion rights.

I’m Terry Eastland.

Terry Eastland: Clark's Abortion Extremism