Terrorist Attack Serves as Wake-up Call for News Reporting

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, September 24, 2001

Terrorist Attack Serves as Wake-up Call for News Reporting

Some people are complaining about journalism's loss of objectivity during the attack on our country. Where have they been? If journalists are not going to be objective, I would rather they be biased for America and not against it.

For too many years, most big-time journalists have been embarrassed about America. They've run down our country, it's values and virtues, its Defense Department, intelligence and spying capabilities. They have said that there are no enemies anymore and so we should virtually dismantle the Pentagon. Of course they never thought the Soviets were a threat either, so why should we listen to them now?

One of the side benefits of this attack is that we may get more reporting of foreign news and less of the junk they're been passing off as news. Fewer stories driven by demographic groups that sponsors want and more reporting about things everybody needs.

But as for the calls for objectivity - don't make me laugh!