Terrorism Increases Dangers Associated with Halloween

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Terrorism Increases Dangers Associated with Halloween

I wouldn't send my children out tonight for Halloween, if they were still small. Besides the theme of the evening, which is about evil things, no matter how sweet a face is put on it, the chance of a tragedy from tainted candy is greater than ever.

In addition to the regular class of sick people who always do something at Halloween to harm children, there is the increased threat of terrorism since Sept. 11.

Plenty of churches are now having fall festivals which provide candy and punch and, more importantly, spiritual instruction and clean fun. Neighbors who know each other also offer alternatives to the Halloween ritual.

For Christians, especially, now is a good time to examine how we are often co-opted by the world and its ways. And as long as we're thinking about these things, let's take another look at Christmas to see how we might honor Christ instead of being just like the world that knows Him not.