Teaching Schoolchildren Class Envy

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Published: Jan 06, 2012

Teaching Schoolchildren Class Envy

Maybe you've heard about this from a talk radio show host, but in case you haven't, hear it from me: An elementary school near Charlottesville, Va., decided to stage a performance called "Part of the 99," as in the 99 percent, which is the theme of the Occupy Wall Street crowd.

It was part of something called "Kid Pan Alley," a foundation that works with elementary school children through songwriting workshops.

This particular song was about having it all and losing it all and the 1 percent who apparently have it all in the view of the people who wrote this song.

We have kids who can't read or write, or do basic math, but some are teaching them class envy in addition to their sex education, which says any two people can be known as a family.

You have to constantly watch what is being taught in these schools. Better to pull them out and teach them at home or put them in a Christian school. Why should we expect the world to teach the children of parents who worship God and not get outcomes that contradict what God wants them to learn?

In Aberdeen, South Dakota, I'm Cal Thomas.

Publication date: January 10, 2012

Teaching Schoolchildren Class Envy