Taliban Counting on Our Lack of Resolve to Prevail

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Tuesday, October 23, 2001

Taliban Counting on Our Lack of Resolve to Prevail

One of Osama bin Laden's henchmen was interviewed on 60 Minutes Sunday night. He outlined what he believes is the Taliban's strategy for beating the United States. Its will.

The Taliban have studied our response to the Vietnam war, to our presence in Mogadishu, to the response to the Kobar Towers and U.S.S. Cole terrorist attacks. They have concluded that we don't have staying power. All it takes is a few American bodies dragged through the streets or brought home in body bags and the Taliban think we will duck and run.

They see our culture and find it corrupt. They see our resolve and find it non-existent. They are betting we won't stay the course because we are so self-focused.

Are they right? We are about to find out. Surely there will be more casualties than the few so far. Surely some of those bodies will be captured by the Taliban for propaganda purposes. And surely American television will carry the pictures. Then what?

President Bush says we're battling terrorism and won't give up. We'll see who is the true and false prophet.