Spiritual Ignorance In Much of the Media

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Apr 04, 2005

Spiritual Ignorance In Much of the Media

April 6, 2005

I am amused by the way the mostly pagan press covers religion.

I used to be irritated, but since they are deliberately blind and will not see, my disgust has turned to amusement.

Some of the headlines and stories surrounding the death of Pope John Paul II have been good; others have not.

There is a lot of stilted language.

You hear "the faithful" a lot, or "pilgrims," because the media have no language of their own.

One headline said "the light" had gone out in the church. Another said "the shepherd" has died.

The light has not gone out and the shepherd has not died.

The shepherd and the light are Jesus Christ and he is not dead.

He is alive.

Here's another one: "holy men gather at the vatican for a political rite."

The headline writer means the election of a new Pope, but "holy men"?

The scriptures say only God is holy and in light of the sex scandal that has gripped the Catholic church, it seems a poor choice of words.

Such is the spiritual ignorance in much of the media, but they are getting a little better; slowly.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.

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Spiritual Ignorance In Much of the Media