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Spending Cuts Must Accompany Tax Cut

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, May 2, 2001

Spending Cuts Must Accompany Tax Cut

It now appears that President Bush will get most of his tax cut. The Senate has agreed to a tax reduction of $1.25 trillion over 11 years. The House passed a $1.6 trillion tax cut. Both are too little and take too long to implement. There will also be a debate over how much to cut the marginal tax rates. Currently they are just over 39 percent. Liberals want to make sure the "right people" get them. How about the people who pay the most getting them?

Spending continues to be the big problem. No one is talking about cutting spending, only the amount of the increase. As long as Congress increases spending and doesn't bother to cut or eliminate programs that don't work, the fiscal condition of this country will continue to be in danger.

We need a tax cut to give us more of our money back and we need a spending cut so government won't need as much. A tax cut is better than nothing, but it is not enough. Let's hope a future Congress has more conservatives. That will only happen if you elect them.