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Special Treatment of Mexican Immigrants Unfair to Others

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, July 27, 2001

Special Treatment of Mexican Immigrants Unfair to Others

You knew it had to come to this. Immigrants who have obeyed American law, often waiting months or even years to obtain permission from our government to live and work here, are upset that Mexican immigrants are getting favored treatment by the Bush administration.

Outside the federal immigration office in Arlington, Va., last week, the New York Times reported hundreds of immigrants from Albania to Zambia stood in a line that snaked around the block. Many said that Mexico's special relationship with the U.S. and our common 2,000-mile long border should not mean that Mexicans illegally living in this country ought to receive favored treatment. Those interviewed noted they had obeyed our laws, while many Mexican illegals violated it. The law-abiders have to wait and the illegals may get amnesty. They wonder if that is fair. Of course it is not fair, but this is about politics, not immigration. It is an attempt by the Bush administration to win the key Hispanic vote. Don't think Democrats would not do the same. They did in the last administration.