Sniper Suspect Admits Guilt, Attorneys Cry Foul

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, November 15, 2002

Sniper Suspect Admits Guilt, Attorneys Cry Foul

John Lee Malvo apparently has been talking to the police. He’s one of two sniper suspects in the beltway and other shootings around the country. The teenager has reportedly confessed to a number of the crimes and is said to have admitted pulling the trigger on several of the victims.


Police say that Malvo waived his right to an attorney which, under the Miranda law, he is entitled to do so long as he has been advised that he has such a right.  


I can’t imagine the police not videotaping all of this so it will stand up to any court challenge.   Malvo now has a team of lawyers who are protesting the police questioning.   Only in America can someone admit guilt and then find a lawyer to help him avoid the consequences of that guilt.


No wonder so many people hate criminal defense attorneys, because they believe the law is made a fool.   Still, as frustrating as it is, we have the best legal system in the world and “innocent until proven guilty” guarantees full rights to the accused.  


That’s something you won’t find in too many parts of the world.


I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.


Sniper Suspect Admits Guilt, Attorneys Cry Foul