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Serious Questions

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Wednesday, May 22, 2002

Serious Questions

I have some serious questions today. They are based on what Vice President Cheney and FBI Director Robert Mueller have said recently. Both men predict more terrorist attacks are "inevitable." Mueller said we should expect suicide bombers like those in Israel.

My questions are: What do we do in response? Do we react, or do we go on offense? We know these people are not White, Christian and elderly. We know the communities where they hang out. Do we go after them there? Do we close down their religious centers? Do we deport them? Do we declare a state of war at home and temporarily suspend the Constitution to find them? How do we get into their minds? The FBI says it is impossible to infiltrate them because of the fanatical acts required of any infiltrator in order to be accepted.

As we have seen in Israel, there is very little defense against homicide bombers, as I call them. Will the United States tolerate them here?

These and many other questions had better be answered by those in power and they had better be answered now and not when the bombs start exploding here. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.