Sequestration, Spending and Government Insanity

Cal Thomas | Syndicated Columnist | Updated: Feb 26, 2013

Sequestration, Spending and Government Insanity

You're keeping up with the so-called sequestration farce, aren't you?

The drama goes like this: On Friday, government must cut spending, but of course it is doing no such thing. It will have to reduce the rate of increased spending, which to Washington is a cut. The way it works is this: Washington is a god that is entitled to sacrifices. And if you deprive the government god of his sacrifice, he gets angry and will cut your meat inspectors and make the lines at the airport even longer than they are. Get it?

It's Chicago-style extortion. If you don't pay up, something bad might happen to you. And since government has become a god, which seeks to replace the real God, it is entitled to anything it wants and you had better pay up.

No wonder so many people hate Washington, but if they keep sending so many tax-and-spenders here, they will continue to get the same result. Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

I'm Cal Thomas in insanity land known as Washington.

Publication date: February 26, 2016

Sequestration, Spending and Government Insanity