Send Them the Bill

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, January 29, 2001

Send Them the Bill

The disdain in which members of the Clinton Administration held the presidency and the white house was further illustrated in the last hours of Bill and Hillarys tenure.

The Washington Times and broadcast networks have reported that Clinton staff members cut telephone lines, turned over desks, left graffiti on walls, put pornography in computer printers, ripped the letter W President Bushs middle initial from computer keyboards and left obscene messages on some answering machines.

It was also reported that the Clintons looted air force one on their final flight to New York. They or their accomplices took china, silverware, salt and pepper shakers. They took sheets, pillow cases, and apparently anything else that wasnt bolted down. They even took some toothpaste from a bathroom cabinet that had no presidential seal on it.

Words fail me at this point, but I hope the government sends them a bill.