Security in 2004

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Published: Dec 31, 2003

Security in 2004

Another eventful year has gone and the calendar will say 2004 tomorrow. What's changed in the last year? Everything and nothing. Circumstances have changed. The terror alert is at orange. We think we are more secure, but are we? It depends on what you mean by security and your source of it.

The public trumpeting of immoral and outrageous behavior seemed to reach a new level this year with the likes of Michael Jackson, Scott Peterson, Robert Blake and Paris Hilton…not to mention Saddam Hussein parading their bad behavior.

The one thing that has not changed and never changes is that men and women are sinners. This is a condition that cannot be repaired by the programs and policies of politicians. It can only be addressed by God.

Astrologers and the tabloids are making their predictions, as they do every year. And they'll be mostly, if not entirely, wrong, as they are every year.

Jesus warned us not to worry about tomorrow for today has enough worries of its own. Leave tomorrow and this entire year in his hands and step out in confidence that God is in control and in Him we have true security.

I'm Cal Thomas.

Security in 2004