School Subjects to Avoid

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, June 2, 2006

School Subjects to Avoid

June 2, 2006

Perhaps you are still in doubt about government schools and where your children or grandchildren belong. Maybe this will help you make up your mind.

14,000 education researchers had a convention in San Francisco a few weeks ago. The subjects were divided into five major fields of educational inquiry: imperialism; ghetto culture; hegemonic oppression and right-thinking multiculturalism; cyber jargon; and the utterly incomprehensible.”

Among the sessions were: Ho No Mo: a qualitative investigation of adolescent female language reclamation and rejection; the formation of the subjectivity of mail-order brides in Taiwan and their educational strategies toward their children; queering schooling and (un) doing the public good: rubbing against the grain for schooling sexualities.”

The organization putting on this drivel calls itself “the most prominent international professional organization with the primary goal of advancing educational research and its practical application.”

Still in doubt about where your children and grandchildren should be educated?

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School Subjects to Avoid