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Schaeffer Would be Proud -- Jan. 21, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Monday, January 21, 2002

Schaeffer Would be Proud -- Jan. 21, 2002

The late philosopher-theologian Francis Schaeffer would be proud of Jill Stanek. She was fired from her labor and delivery nurse job at Advocate Christ Hospital last August for protesting the hospital's late-term abortion policy. Stanek says babies who survived late-term abortions were not given any help and allowed to die.

Stanek has decided to do something about it. She's running for the Illinois legislature. Her opponent is on the board of directors of the hospital that fired her.

Opinion polls show the public's overwhelming opposition to late-term abortions. Dr. Schaeffer used to say that if you are a nurse and a Christian and are told to assist in abortions, you must refuse, even if you lose your job. As I said, he would be proud of Jill Stanek.

I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.