Say Goodbye to the Traditional Family

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Updated: Nov 06, 2003

Say Goodbye to the Traditional Family

David Letterman is a father at 56.  Letterman isn’t married to the mother. “Girlfriend” is how the media describe the woman who has given birth to his son.

Business Week had a cover story last month on the disappearing two-parent married family. It was titled “Unmarried America.” It noted that nearly half of all households are now headed by people who aren’t married. The new demographics will change business, politics and society.

You may live in a traditional household, as I do, but half the nation does not. “Say goodbye to the traditional family,” says Business Week.

There are many reasons – divorce, homosexual and heterosexual coupling are some. Growing numbers of people no longer believe that living together before, or instead of marriage, is sinful. Many hold the same attitudes about premarital sex.

Sociologists, the media and even some preachers major on feelings, not truth. Children need both parents, a mother and father in the home, but they’re not getting them. This is what happens when people forget God.

I’m Cal Thomas in Washington.

Say Goodbye to the Traditional Family