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Saudi School Outreach -- Feb. 8, 2002

Cal Thomas | Syndicated columnist | Friday, February 8, 2002

Saudi School Outreach -- Feb. 8, 2002

The Saudi Arabian Embassy has mailed 5,000 padded envelopes containing videos and books about Islam to schools across America. It appears to be part of what Christians would call an “outreach” opportunity to influence young people and to tell them that Islam is no threat and is a religion they might want to consider.

Many schools are said to be accepting the materials and putting them in their libraries. But imagine if Christians did this. The outcry from the usual suspects would reach to the sky. In an age where even discussing the Bible is not done for fear of alienating others, we hear stories about people in one California school district quoting from the Koran and role playing Muslims.

A cynic, or one who is being careful, might conclude that these mailings are another effort to undermine American vigilance and resolve. The greatest threat to any nation is not from without, but from within. And the Saudis, who export terrorism, surely know this. I'm Cal Thomas in Washington.